The composition of the galaxy sample was driven by the need of observing a very large number of extragalactic HII regions. Star-forming galaxies, with a low inclination and at a maximum distance of 10 Mpc, were selected. It includes a total of 39 galaxies (plus 13 secondary targets). The volume-limited sample at 10 Mpc gives a spatial resolution between 2 and 40 pc. SIGNALS will be ideally complementing the MUSE survey over the northern sky. We minutely compiled existing data on these galaxies with HST+LEGUS (28 galaxies), GALEX (UV, 39 galaxies), Spitzer (IR, 43 galaxies), BIMA and ALMA (CO, 23 galaxies), VLA (HI, 42 galaxies), as well as narrow bands on the emission lines for future comparison and to plan other proposals (for example with UVIT and ALMA).

Additional information on the SIGNALS' targets (will be available soon)!

Fig. SIGNALS sample as a function of Hubble type and right ascension. The white squares show the size of SITELLE's FOV on the target, but don't correspond necessarily to the FOV selection.
Some targets are covered using more than one field (e.g. M101 with four FOV). The red squares correspond to FOV on the galaxies already observed.

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